Working areas of AHDO

Currently AHDO has been implementing its micro credit activities in 04 Upazilla of Kushtia district. It has provided a serving hand to more than one lac people directly and more than two lakh people with the implementation of the varieties of the social development programs. The serving facilities for the supporting people are women, children, disable, advice and some other professional people by nature. AHDO covers its working areas including 08 unions, 57 villages and 39,106 people of Daulatpur upazilla and 09 unions, 52 villages and 32,402 people of Bheraamara upazilla and 5 unions, 23 villages and 22,637 people of Mirpur upazilla and 05 unions, 23 villages and 8,213 people of Kushtia Sadar upazilla. Beside micro credit, AHDO has been implementing various social services and different development activities in its working area.