Women Development

Half of the population of the country is female. But most of them are illiterate, socially less conscious, malnourished, poor ad deprived by traditional cultural norms. The women enjoy less status compare to men. The discrimination starts at birth and continues up to death. They are the victims of social diseases like divorce, abandoned, husband separation, polygamy, dowry early marriage, …

Child and Adult Education

AHDO feels education is the main and important factor for all development activities and education gets top priority in every case of development affairs. AHDO educates the targeted women in different ways to raise their level of understanding before starting any project activities and to eradicate illiteracy. To this end, AHDO emphasise adult education and child education programs.

Primary Health Care

To develop a healthy community in the operation area AHDO has been implementing primary health, Nutrition, and Family Welfare motivation and education activities. The staff members of the organisation educate and motivate the group members on nutrition, water & sanitation, EPI, Family Planning, HIV/AIDs-STD, Arsenic Awareness Raising through group meetings, personnel contact, and house-to-house visits.

Agriculture Sector Micro credit Program (ASMP)

Bangladesh is an agro-based country. Lion’s share of the national products comes from the agriculture sector. Due to the agro based cultivation major people involve in agro sector either directly or indirectly here. As a result Rural Micro Credit (RMC) is an important weapon for helping the poor farmer, marginal farmer, share cultivator, hard core poor in the rural areas …

Sufolon Loan Program

Due to the agro based economic sector many times the people of the working areas feel lack of capital which is utilized by them for engaging in the agriculture sector, small business sector and forming mini homestead farming. AHDO has observed that the demand of these sectors started to pressurize on the agriculture sector Loan. As a result, AHDO identifies …

Buniad Loan Program

The Buniad, also known as Ultra Poor Program, are often left out of the conventional financial service system on the presumption that they are vulnerable to loan repayment. Even the conventional microfinance services have also been rigid for decades to include the Buniad. For the better understanding of this identifiable vulnerable group AHDO has started Buniad Program.