To reach the goal the following objectives are considered as a vital part of AHDO programming activities:

  • Increase additional Income of the target families through women’s involvement in income generation activities through development of Social a forestation, Fisheries, Livestock & Agricultural farming activities.
  • Creating self-employment generation for group members through micro-credit support and special savings mobilization to alleviate their poverty through working as catalyst to initiate and inculcate the spirit of self –help among the organized group members.
  • Developing linkage with relevant Government, National & International Development Agencies for wider support and cooperation.
  • Improve Health Status of the community people through extending hardware and soft ware support of water and sanitation and environmental hygiene to the people of the project area for improving their health status and enable to reduce water borne diseases.
  • Increase Family Planning acceptors rate within the AHDO working areas providing assistance to the beneficiaries proving package of family planning services to fertile couple in the project area for controlling of population boom and facilitate in generating small family size.
  • Increase literacy rate within the AHDO working areas through imparting non-formal adult education to the illiterate group members for their participation in development process through confidence building and breaking up their cultural silence.
  • Establish Training institute to ventilate training facilities both human development, skill efficiency development building for behavioral changes and to develop research activities on new & modern technologies of different
  • Decrease disaster mitigation and ensure relief supports among the victims.
  • Facilitating organized women in raising their social awareness for reducing their participation in the existing society and in eradication of their depravation and oppression.

To facilitate women in establishing their legal rights for happy & peaceful family.