Sufolon Loan Program

Due to the agro based economic sector many times the people of the working areas feel lack of capital which is utilized by them for engaging in the agriculture sector, small business sector and forming mini homestead farming. AHDO has observed that the demand of these sectors started to pressurize on the agriculture sector Loan. As a result, AHDO identifies a program namely Sufolon Loan is an optional loan scheme for the credit holders. This program is disbursed with 60,000 takas for not over 06-month period and the repayment system is recognized on 01 installment with service charge and loan. Many small farmer and causal business man and women are undertaking this scheme as a weapon of their development in the respective sector. AHDO is contributing a lot in this sector with the help of PKSF & various Bank, the development partner. Now AHDO has 1622 member with loan outstanding is 25,286,046.00 in Sufolon Loan program.