Action for Human Development Organization “AHDO” in an action oriented Non-Government social development organization. It was established with a view to improving present status and alleviates poverty both for the rural & urban distressed women folk. It was identified that the women of the project area have been living below poverty line with insufficient income to satisfy their basic need of food, shelter, clothing, education and medicine. Majority people of the area are landless and day laborers. They are victims of poverty, illiteracy, ill health and civic inertia. They are living from hand to mouth in dilapidated houses either by sharecropping or by selling their manual labor. Their standard of living is very low which low and unevenly distributed family income, indebtedness, and poor housing facilities characterize. They are disorganized, fatalistic in attitude and hesitant to resist any oppression and exploitation individually. Literacy rate of the area is lower than that of national coverage. Women literacy rate is alarming in the area also.

The underprivileged women are powerless. They have no representation in the local policy making institution, which is virtually monopolized by local elite and influential persons. The trend of landless in the area is increasing gradually. Consequently, influential people of the area are grabbing the lands of marginal farmers. Here population growth rate is higher than that of the literacy rate. The condition of women is deplorable. They are severely exploited oppressed and deprived. In addition, they are exploited doubly i.e. man-made religion-cultural exploitation and sex exploitation. Women are virtually powerless and asset less in the area. Their access to decision-making process even at family level is also limited. In property of what her brother inherits but in practice women do not possess the said property.

Despite of it, women’s mobility and participation in out side development work is restricted. Women are used for productive purposes and reproductive duties. Women are treated as physically week, psychologically emotional, mentally inconsistent and dependent against her male partner in the area i.e. men’s superiority and women’s inferiority are the social norm. Women have to live within four walls of the family i.e. seclusion. Nevertheless, women are quite unaware about themselves. The salient feature features of women suffering in the area are early marriage, dowry, divorce, wife beating, and separation with minor children without maintenance, attack on women chastity, and migration to urban area as maidservant and women trafficking along with other socio-economic problems. Though women have to work from dawn to late night either in domestic affairs or pre & post harvesting agricultural activities, yet their contribution in economic terms towards upliftment of family is unseen and unpaid. In addition, maternal mortality rate in the area is higher.

The conditions of children were also worse condition. They were the victims of unplanned parenthood. Most of the babies are born underweight due to poor health status of the mothers. Most of the children remain unschooled or little schooled due to financial insolvency of the parents and their apathy about education.

Considering the gravity and magnitude of the problems, some energetic young social workers the founder intend to take social services for the well being to promote the socio-economic status both men, women and youth through integrated development approach and the present Action for Human Development Organization (AHDO) came into existence on 1995 by the active Initiative of J.M. Nazimuddin Akkel a renowned educationist.

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