Jagoron Loan Program

Bangladesh is a rural depended economy. Many people here live on agro based and non-agro based activities such as small business, fisherman, farmer, wood cutter, carpenter, tailoring, muddy & tapestries etc. They need largely economic help for the promotion of their living status. A mentionable figure of people is being facilitated with the Jagoron Loan as regular program. They are improving their living status with the credit facilitation of minimum tk. 10,000 to maximum tk. 60,000 gradually developed and taken from AHDO. They have already started to get its outcome and have to repay the loan and services charges on weekly bases among 46 installments in a year. AHDO’s recovery system is authentic and expectable in the Jagoron Loan. Many of the Jagoron loan creditors are now on the praise of AHDO. They think that AHDO is going to contribute a great part in the working areas of Kushtia & Jhenaidah. Since its inception AHDO has been helping the rural poor & Marginal farmer for developing their miserable condition. Now AHDO has Jagoron 11992 member and loan outstanding is 87,499,996.00 in Jagoron Loan program.