Introductory Speech by Respected Executive Director

In this year we have expanded the working areas of AHDO. The reporting period had to face some unexpectedly problems which were overcome with the sincere efforts and a strong chain of command in the organization. As a whole we can successfully state that every aspect of our target activities has been achieved in this year. We have contributed to achieve our expectation in the operation of Jagoron Loan, Agrosor, Buniad, Sufolon and ENRICH loan. It is to mention that operation of some other development program and humanistic program are on the forecast of the dazzling success in the organization.

We have also contributed to keep fit with the enrolment of the credit holders, assistance to the beneficiaries, savings accumulation and capital formation of the groups/ samittee. We have visualized this reporting year as a bumping level to ensure our expectation broadly at the grass root level for poverty alleviation. Moreover, we have also credit to yield in operation of the humanitarian, munificent and philanthropic activities with the help of national and international based organizations- BRAC, NGO forum, NGO foundation, Khan Foundation who are going on with their support in our working areas.

I actually thank to the local privileged, civil society, stakeholders and beloved to AHDO, who have come with a plateful hand to participate in sharing the well and woe of the poor especially women, child, disable, minority regardless caste, creed and color. I also thank all sorts of troop of AHDO working at the grass root level, who are dragging a rapid caravan since a long time.

May I take this prospect to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to our honorable well wishers as well as the executive committee members for their valuable turnout and cooperation in implementing AHDO’s development and other programs? It is no doubt, miseries to express my special thanks to the senior or junior staffs and officers for their kind support and cooperation with sharing information, thought and works which have been including in the publication of this report as maximum as possible.

I believe that AHDO will be able to provide more valuable and excellent services in the forthcoming year.

(J.M. Nazimuddin Akkel)
Executive Director
Action for Human Development Organization (AHDO)