IGA, AC and LI (Enrich Program)

Income Generating Activity Program (IGA) :

AHDO Kuchiamora Branch disburse cow rearing, fisheries, beetle cultivation , small businesses, placing mill, hatchery setting, beef Fattening loan to the pioneer members at Juniadaha union under the ENRICH program. All the credit period of two years and twenty-four installments. Group members are improving their income with the credit facilitation of minimum tk-1.00 lac to 10.00 lac gradually developed and taken from AHDO.

Asset Creation Program(AC) :

A member can be accessed simultaneously this loan who received IGA or another main loan product.  The ACL is designed to assist a household in acquiring any kind of productive asset. The ACL ceiling for a household is BDT 30,000 and the interest rate payable is 8% (on the basis of declining balance method).

Livelihood Improvement Program (LI) :

In track with ENRICH’s philosophy AHDO have been established Livelihood Improvement Loan (LIL) program. The LIL is made available for the purchase of necessary equipment and taking other actions related to livelihood improvement including defraying expenses for social functions such as the marriage of a daughter or a son. In this case, the ceiling for a household is BDT 10,000 and the interest rate payable is 8% (on the basis of declining balance method

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