Programming activities of AHDO

For improvement of socioeconomic status of the target families AHDO planned its programming activities in the following sectors. The sector wise activities are mentioned as follows:

a. Group formation:-
a.i: Social awareness building.
a.ii: Savings mobilization;
a.iii: Training to group members and leaders,

b. Financial support:-
bi: Micro-credit support as Revolving Credit Fund for Income Generation like as; small trade, cow fattening, goat rearing, fish cultivation, rural transport, handicraft and so on;
bii: Micro-enterprise development

c. Health Development:-
c.i: Family Planning.
c.ii: Immunization.
c.iii: STD/AIDS prevention
c.iv: Nutrition education;
c.v: Water and Sanitation; WWPC Meeting;
c.vii: UWPC meeting;
c.viii: Free Ring Slab Distribution &
c.ix: Popular theater
c.x: School watsan program;
c.xi: Referral services for Emergency care
c.xii: Prevention & Control of diarrhea diseases.

d: Child & Women Development:
d:i Child & Adult education
d.ii: Non-formal Primary Education
d.iii: Functional literacy for group member.
d.iv: Adolescent girls development
d.v: Income and employment generation Hygiene, Nutrition education session with female group
dvii: Child-to-Child approach;
d.viii: Anti trafficking & establishment of child rights,
d.ix: Create recreation facilities for children.

e. Others:-
e.i: Legal aid and arbitration;
e.ii: Child & women rights.
e.iii: Advocacy on climate change and water crisis.
e.iv: Social a forestation;
e.v: Awareness raising and education. Water land biodiversity conservation
e.vii: Social and water land forestry
e.viii: Campaign on sustainable energy management;
e.ix: Community based Nursery establishment.

f. Training support: –
f.i: Staff development
f.ii: Beneficiaries’ skill Development.