Introductory Speech by Respected Chairman

Rural development is the core focus of our National economic development because 85% core focus of the total population live in rural areas in Bangladesh AHDO, since its establishment in 1995 has been working for the ultra poor at the grass root level in order to promoting their living status where there are marked level on the Income, Education, Health, Sanitation, Environmental Chaos in the most backward humanity and the ultra poor at Allardarga in Daulatpur Upazila of Kushtia district. AHDO with its un-tire and sincere service has been continuing numerous programs to achieve its goal. In the meantime, AHDO has scope to draw the attention of the donor organization- PKSF as well as some other sponsored organization – BRAC, NGO Forum, BSAF, Khan Foundation etc. AHDO is stepping carefully to its destination by turns.

As a local based organization AHDO is preceding its activities evading a non-profit, non-political but humanitarian nature in working areas. For this it has been possible to spread out its net work very rapidly applying not only the financial support but the technical support within a short span of time. Since it’s inauguration of the program AHDO has been emphasizing both the human resources and the financial capability which may ensure the better implementation that leads to the elastic of the organizational goal.

I look forward to put the first and foremost thanks to our donors who have given their strong support to the organization with a view to successfully implementation of the Micro Credit Program along with some social, humanistic and benevolent work. I also thank the staffs and officers who have been exhausted the rope of the organization with their own merit, capability, skill and above all sincerity.

It is not so far, the days when all the achievement of the organization will kiss AHDO I mean. The extreme glory will polish in the AHDO’s sky if the gradual implementation of the organization keeps fit. The then it will be possible to build up a better and more comfortable place for the socially backward humanity at Kushtia district.

I wish every victory in AHDO’s family.

J M Shamim Hossain
Action for Human Development Organization “AHDO”