We are at a glance

A large amount of the people of AHDO’s working area is generally and economically vulnerable. There are many people are socially diffident, environmentally unsafe and economically insolvent. Most of the people live by cultivation, share cultivator, marginal farmer, weaver, fisherman, small business and varieties of professions. Sometimes they have to fight against their fate and livelihood. They have to face the problems with the difficulties to survive themselves in the price spiral situation of the competitive world.

At Daulatpur upazilla many people turned their profession into the agro based and its sub-sector economic activities while some other involved in small business. Some of them would like to involve themselves into a small business and livestock farming in Kushtia. They assumed various income generating activities to survive themselves in the competition of the ways and means of livelihood. They are struggling for earning two times meals a day. But fate does not peep on their forehead. After observing the historical background and records for the last two decades AHDO took a challenge for them to turn their fate into a greater change which would ensure a better and comfortable life. On the experiences of the local need-based approach AHDO intervened some voluntary and development programs at Daulatpur in Kushtia. AHDO’s interventions in the following programs are stated here phase by phase.