Jagoron Loan Program

Bangladesh is a rural depended economy. Many people here live on agro based and non-agro based activities such as small business, fisherman, farmer, wood cutter, carpenter, tailoring, muddy & tapestries etc. They need largely economic help for the promotion of their living status. A mentionable figure of people is being facilitated with the Jagoron Loan as regular program. They are …


The Executive Director recruits all other staffs. He is responsible to the Executive Committee while all other staff are responsible to ED. Basic unit in AHDO’s operation is Branch which managed by the Unit Manager. Coordinator is the supervisor of all activities. Here below the full management & organogram chart-

Executive Counselors

SL. Name Designation 01. Mr. Samsur Rahman Chairman 02. Mr. Beauty Akther Vice-Chairman 03. Mr. J.M. Nazimuddin Akkel Executive Director & Founder 04. Mst. Faima Khatun Asst. Secretary 05. Mr. J.M. Samim Hossain Treasurer 06. Mr. Idris Ali Member 07. Mr. Kamal Hossain Member


Action for Human Development Organization “AHDO” in an action oriented Non-Government social development organization. It was established with a view to improving present status and alleviates poverty both for the rural & urban distressed women folk. It was identified that the women of the project area have been living below poverty line with insufficient income to satisfy their basic need …