Legal status of AHDO

AHDO as a local based organization with the certification of the Department of Social Welfare (DSW) has been working in 08 Upazilas of Kushtia, Chuadanga & Jhenaidah district. As a non-profit making organization it has already legalized on Micro Credit Operational with the affiliation of the Micro Credit Regulatory Authority (MRA). For the operation of the financial activities AHDO’s contribution …

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Head Office:

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Action for Human Development Organization “AHDO”

Vill: Allardarga, PO: Allardarga-7042, Upazilla: Daulatpur, Dist.: Kushtia, Bangladesh

Present Address:
Action for Human Development Organization “AHDO”

House # 546 (2nd Floor); Upazilla Road, Kushtia Sadar, Kushtia-7000, Bangladesh

Tel.: 024777-84065, Cell.: 01711-145338,

Email:, Website:

Branches Address
01. Allardarga Vill & Post: Allardarga, Upazila: Daulatpur, Dist: Kushtia. Mob.: 01329-682210
02. Amdaho Vill: Amdaho, Post: Allardarga, Upazila: Daulatpur, Dist: Kushtia. Mob.: 01329-682220
03. Kuchiamora Vill: Kuchiamora, Post: Juniadha, Upazila: Bheramara, Dist: Kushtia. Mob.: 01329-682230
04. Bheramara Vill: Bherama (Kacharipara); Post: Bheramara Upazila: Bheramara, dist: Kushtia. Mob.: 01329-682240
05. Mothurapur Vill: Mothurapur; Post: Mothurapur; Upazila: Daulatpur; Dist: Kushtia. Mob.: 01329-682250
06. Barkhada Vill: Barkhada (Trimohony), Post: Jugia, Upazila: Kushtia Sadar, Dist: Kushtia. Mob.: 01329-682260
07. Chourhas Upazilla Road, Kushtia Sadar, Kushtia. Mob.: 01329-682270
08. Jhaudia Vill: Jhaudia, Post: Maspara, Upazilla: Kushtia Sadar, Dist.: Kushtia. Mob.: 01329-682280
09. Panti Vill: Panti, Post: Panti-7010, Upazilla: Kumarkhali, Dist: Kushtia. Mob.: 01329-682290
10. Porankhali Vill: Porankhali, Post: Porankhali, Upazilla: Bheramara, Dist.: Kushtia. Mob.: 01329-682304
11. Alamdanga Vill: Alamdanga (Sonapatti), Post: Alamdanga, Upazilla: Alamdanga, Dist.: Chuadanga. Mob.: 01329-682310
12. Munshiganj Vill: Munshiganj, Post: Alamdanga, Upazilla: Alamdanga, Dist.: Chuadanga. Mob.: 01329-682320
13. Ishwardi Piarpur More (Upazilla Road), Upazilla: Ishwardi, Dist.: Pabna. Mob.: 001329-682330
14. Dashuria Kashem Plaza, Dashuria Bazar, Ishwardi, Pabna. Mob.: 001329-682340
15. Dapunia Vill: Sahadier, Post: Dapunia, Upazilla: Pabna Sadar, Dist.: Pabna. Mob.: 001329-682350

Health and Education Program (ENRICH)

ENRICH encourages and assists them in changing to their economic status. Access to appropriate technology, as well as access to health and education services, will ensure increase in productivity, allowing them optimize returns from market operations. It is crucial for the success of this program that the households themselves are eager and willing to pave the road to their development, …

IGAL, ACL and LIL (Enrich Credit Program)

Income Generating Activity Loan Program (IGAL): AHDO Porankhali Branch disburse cow rearing, fisheries, beetle cultivation, small businesses, placing mill, hatchery setting, beef Fattening loan to the pioneer members at Juniadaha union, Bheramara upazilla under the ENRICH program. All the credit period of two years and twenty-four installments at monthly & 92 installments at weekly. Group members are improving their income …

Agriculture Sector Micro credit Program (ASMP)

Bangladesh is an agro-based country. Lion’s share of the national products comes from the agriculture sector. Due to the agro based cultivation major people involve in agro sector either directly or indirectly here. As a result Rural Micro Credit (RMC) is an important weapon for helping the poor farmer, marginal farmer, share cultivator, hard core poor in the rural areas …

Sufolon Loan Program

Due to the agro based economic sector many times the people of the working areas feel lack of capital which is utilized by them for engaging in the agriculture sector, small business sector and forming mini homestead farming. AHDO has observed that the demand of these sectors started to pressurize on the agriculture sector Loan. As a result, AHDO identifies …

Buniad Loan Program

The Buniad, also known as Ultra Poor Program, are often left out of the conventional financial service system on the presumption that they are vulnerable to loan repayment. Even the conventional microfinance services have also been rigid for decades to include the Buniad. For the better understanding of this identifiable vulnerable group AHDO has started Buniad Program. 

Agrosor Loan Program

While the Jagoron loan is not effective, the Agrosor Loan is rather more effective there. The demand of jagoron loan is naturally tolerable but the Agrosor Loan is intolerance for the ultra poor credit holder. Of all those who are facilitating from the Jagoron loan, feel the need of the Agrosor Loan after a period as a bumping level for …

Jagoron Loan Program

Bangladesh is a rural depended economy. Many people here live on agro based and non-agro based activities such as small business, fisherman, farmer, wood cutter, carpenter, tailoring, muddy & tapestries etc. They need largely economic help for the promotion of their living status. A mentionable figure of people is being facilitated with the Jagoron Loan as regular program. They are …